Skin Worn Thin, Hazlitt

Every time someone sees me as either white or black, I wonder, is passing an act of capitulation, or resistance? A rejection of identity, or of identification? 

Trump Everlasting? Rage, and the Dying of the Light, Are We Europe

Does the Trump era herald a long-term shift in the way Millennials abroad view the US?

Shifting ImpressionsThe Caravan (India)

The fight to shut a pig farm on a former concentration camp and the struggle to preserve Roma identity. 

Eating Dinner, Au Naturel, Are We Europe

Does food taste different when you eat it with nothing on? A review of the first nudist restaurant in Paris. 

The Thirty Year Old White Guy Who's Naming And Shaming Racists, FRANCE 24

Logan Smith spent years calling racists names on Twitter. After Charlottesville, he decided to call them by their real ones.

Where Does Venezuela Go From Here? FRANCE 24

The crisis wracked nation's future looks as gloomy, chaotic, and potentially as violent as ever. 

Here's How the 'Bernie Bros' of France Could Elect Le Pen, The Daily Beast

On far left abstentionism and the French presidential election. 

Seeking Europe's Future, One Village At A Time, FRANCE 24

What if the EU just went out and listened? Two recent grads are on a road trip across France to try and bridge the divide between "Brussels" and "the people". 

Can Russia Derail A French Front-Runner? The Daily Beast

Emmanuel Macron may be the last best hope to stop the Putin-backed populist tide in Europe, and the Russians know it.

A Unified Theory of France? Full-Stop 

Can its centuries of philosophy help guide modern France through the challenges of immigration and national purpose? A review of Sudhir Hazareesingh's How The French Think

Why America's New Radical Right Isn't Going Away, Soapbox DC @Medium

All the rich donors and all the businessmen won't put the Republican Party back together again.

Donald Trump and the Politics of Disgust, The New Republic

The Republican presidential front-runner is disgusted by many things. And it's resonating with voters. 

Extremism Spreads to Chad, Lobelog

The United States and Europe remain concentrated on fighting the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. They would do well not to overlook Western Africa's Sahel.

Tossed, But Not Sunk, The Beaver

From revolution to terror, the streets of Paris themselves have played a significant role in the great march of France through history.

American Absurdity: Gun Culture in the World's Superpower, The Beaver

“From our cold, dead hands!” the gun lobby cries. But how many actual cold, dead hands, feet, eyes, and bodies have to litter America’s streets before we are willing to truly confront our obscene and irrational national obsession with guns?

Helmets, Corruption, and Boko Haram, The Paris Globalist (Print)

In a nation racked by corruption, a history of cyclical violence poses a unique threat to stability in the Sahel.





Steven Erlanger, The Beaver

The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and London bureau chief for the New York Times on Super Tuesday and the US election observed from abroad.

Enrico Letta, The Beaver

Former Prime Minister of Italy and current Dean of Sciences Po's Paris School of International Affairs talks about academia and the future of the European Union. 

Martin Wolf, The Beaver

Chief economics commentator for the Financial Times and one of the world's most respected voices on macroeconomics talks about the ongoing troubles in the eurozone. 



Forgotten Father: Karl Deutsch and the Crucible of Constructivism

Being Frank about the CFA: The Challenges and Future of West Africa's Common Currency

Rise of the Right: Evaluating the Performance of Radical Right Parties in France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands



Mission Aquarius: 10 Days Rescuing Migrants in the Mediterranean (translation from the original French) FRANCE 24

The Aquarius has rescued thousands of migrants from the sea.